Animal Kingdom

Season 1
EPISODE 10 Aired Tuesday, Aug 09
While the Cody boys wait for the money to move, two questions linger: Where is Catherine, and will J turn on his family?
EPISODE 9 Aired Tuesday, Aug 02
While the Cody boys try to rob the military base, Catherine and J threaten the family in different ways
EPISODE 8 Aired Tuesday, Jul 26
The Cody boys and Paul plan their big heist, but J threatens to ruin the whole operation
EPISODE 7 Aired Tuesday, Jul 19
Smurf goes out of town for the weekend and dives into her secret past while Baz makes sure Paul is ready for their upcoming heist
EPISODE 6 Aired Tuesday, Jul 12
Baz presents his crazy plan to the whole family, but when J realizes what's happening, he threatens the whole operation
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