Jonathon Dornbush
March 30, 2015 AT 04:21 PM EDT

Super Mario 64 is one of the animated plumber’s most famous adventures, and also one of the most important games in the medium’s history. The Nintendo platformer helped set the benchmark for how many 3D games would be designed and played, from the late ’90s to today.

And while its gameplay certainly hasn’t aged poorly, the game’s visuals have—which is why someone decided to give Super Mario 64 a new sheen of HD paint.

Erik Ross developed a high-definition version of Super Mario 64‘s memorable opening level, Bomb-Omb Battlefield. The level is fully playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and was made in the Unity 3D engine. It can even be played in your browser (with the Unity Web Player plug-in installed), for those who can sneak in a quick trip down memory lane while at work.

Rss has built in all of the major landmarks from the original level, along with plenty of Goombas and Bomb-Ombs to chase after Nintendo’s most famous mascot.

The level is completely free to play, as Ross does not intend it to be used for any commercial reasons—though whether Nintendo will follow up with demands to have the level taken down remains to be seen. As it stands for now, though, it’s completely meant to be a fan project.

Watch a preview of the level below, which will likely line up a little more with how your memory pictures the game. Ross’s Mario does look more like the Nintendo mascot during his Super Mario Galaxy days on the Wii than Mario as he first appeared on Nintendo 64.

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