The latest movie news for the week of March 2, 1990 |


The latest movie news for the week of March 2, 1990

Mel Gibson, ''Rocky V,'' and Spike Lee made news this week

Murder, She Joked
Sunday night TV’s favorite sleuth, Angela Lansbury, has signed a long-term agreement with Hollywood Pictures, Disney’s new production unit. But don’t expect murder mysteries from the former stage and film star. She’s shopping around for musicals and comedies.

Bulging Budgets
Inflation in the U.S. has been moving along at a 4-5 percent clip lately — except in Hollywood. It now costs $23.5 million to make an average studio film, up 30 percent from 1988. And that’s before another $9.4 million is tacked on for advertising and manufacturing a thousand or so film prints.

Tacky Teaser
X-rated nursery rhymer Andrew Dice Clay stars as rock & roll detective Ford Fairlane in a film by the same name scheduled for June release. It appears that the Diceman is staying in character, judging by the first teaser ad: ”To clients, he’s the greatest. To everyone else, he’s just a dick.”

Revolutionary Love
Lovely Lena Olin — Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Enemies, A Love Story — plays a dedicated revolutionary to Robert Redford’s apolitical gambler in Sydney Pollack’s Havana, set in 1958 Cuba.

Punched Out
Sly’s back in Philly starring in Rocky V and that means one thing: It’s time to lace on the gloves. Only this time it isn’t the aging Italian Stallion who’s getting clubbed, it’s his street-kid protege (Tommy Morrison) who’s groomed for glory. A crowd of 10,000 extras filled the Civic Center for the new contender’s big fight scene, and even though Stallone wasn’t needed for that shoot, he stopped by to say ”Yo.” The bout’s scheduled for Thanksgiving.

Mars Knows Nike
Don’t miss director Spike Lee’s eye-catching new TV ads for Nike featuring basketball great Michael Jordan and Lee himself as Mars Blackman. Spike also is getting his latest film, Mo’ Better Blues, in tune for late summer release.

Department of Limited Imagination
Hey, it worked once. Why not give it another shot? In 1987 Kevin Costner and Sean Young snuggle up in Orion’s No Way Out. Ditto Costner and Madeleine Stowe in 1990’s Revenge, from Columbia Pictures.

Theater Gripes
What irks moviegoers most? A survey conducted by the National Organization of Theater Owners found that audience babbling, sticky floors, and broken seats topped the list of beefs.

Bad Marriages = Big $$
Looks like author Warren Adler has found the right formula. Following the big box-office success of The War of the Roses, based on his 1981 novel, Adler has just picked up a cool $1.2 million from Tri-Star for his next book, Private Lies, a still-unpublished tale about a couple of spouse-swapping couples.

Lethal Rapier
Come April, Mel Gibson will raise a weapon of a different variety in Hamlet as director Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo and Juliet) makes another Shakespearean film foray.

She-Devil went to hell, so Meryl Streep has ditched her powder-puff pink attire for a role as a criminal defendant alongside writer-director-actor Albert Brooks in the upcoming comedy-romance Defending Your Life. Meryl’s accent and hair color have yet to be determined.

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