The latest video news for the week of March 9, 1990 |


The latest video news for the week of March 9, 1990

Tim Conway, ''The Easter Story,'' and ''Hearts of Fire'' made news this week

How Bad Could It Be?
Hearts of Fire, the movie made in 1987 featuring Fiona, British heartthrob Rupert Everett, Ron Wood, and demigod Bob Dylan as — imagine this — a veteran rocker, will at last be seen. The movie never made it to theatrical release — not a good sign — and was even withheld from video release. Until now. Warner Home Video has announced it will finally unveil the hot property on April 25.

Wash, Cut, and Set the VCR
Is it a plot to stop us from reading altogether? Video tapes may soon replace magazines in one of the last bastions of literacy: the beauty parlor. Murdoch Magazines is peddling a video series called Salon Network to upscale hair houses across the country. The tapes offer segments on fashion, travel, and lifestyle, based on articles in New Woman, Mirabella, and European Travel & Life. Producer Harold Klein says he’s already swept up orders from 3,000 salons.

Conway Titters
Home video has been very, very good to Tim Conway. His series of low-budget humor tapes, including Dorf on Golf, has sold 350,000 copies. So when TV syndicators didn’t exactly embrace his proposed series Tim Conway’s Comedy Review… ‘Scue Me, he decided to take his show straight to tape. Conway hopes to have the tape in stores by spring. And if that doesn’t work? Well, Conway’s fourth Dorf cassette, Dorf Goes Auto Racing, is due out this April ($29.95).

I’m Just a Sweet Reptilian
The Easter Story, the ninth video in Hanna-Barbera’s animated Bible story series, appears this month starring the voices of Richard Thomas as… well, you-know-who alongside Adrienne Barbeau as Mary Magdalene, and Tim Curry as Judas. Not to cast doubts on Curry’s eternal well-being, but he did play a serpent in the series’ last tape, The Creation.