The latest movie news for the week of March 23, 1990 |


The latest movie news for the week of March 23, 1990

Steven Seagal, Woody Allen, and Donald Sutherland were in the news this week

Hollywood on the Baltic
Now that the Iron Curtain has been drawn aside, look for a slew of upcoming films with Eastern European settings. One of the first Western features ever filmed in Poland, Eminent Domain — a thriller starring Donald Sutherland and Anne Archer — is shooting right now in Warsaw and at the world-famous Gdansk shipyards.

Gone With the Wine
Fujisankei Communications International Inc. has come up with an epic idea to increase sales of California wine in Japan. They’re importing a new vintage — Gone With the Wind. Japanese oenophiles can choose from among four Napa Valley varieties, priced between 1,500 and 2,500 yen (about $10 to $17) and featuring an image of Scarlett and Rhett from the film — licensed from Turner Broadcasting System. Will Americans ever be able to sip the fruit of Tara’s vines? That’s up to Ted Turner.

Busy Bruiser
Pigtailed tough guy Steven Seagal isn’t relaxing in the afterglow of the surprisingly successful Hard to Kill. He’s already hard at work playing a DEA agent in Fox’s upcoming Screwface and has a fistful of projects scheduled for later this year and next at Warner Bros., all of which promise plenty of head bashing for fans of heavy-duty action.

Woody’s Gang
Production on Woody Allen’s new film is under way and it’s got a major-league cast, including Cybill Shepherd, William Hurt, Mia Farrow, Alec Baldwin, Joe Mantegna, Blythe Danner, Judy Davis, Keye Luke, Judith Ivy, Gwen Verdon, and model Elle Macpherson, in her film debut. As usual, no one connected with the film will talk about it, so we’ll have to wait until fall to find out whom these performers are playing.

Sequel Watch 1990
* Basket Case 2
* Predator II: Body Count
* F/X 2
* Naked Gun II
* Highlander II
(16 and counting)