Video news for the week of April 20, 1990 |


Video news for the week of April 20, 1990

Video news for the week of April 20, 1990

Everybody Lambada
If dancing vicariously through the current onslaught of lambada movies doesn’t satisfy you, two videos out now can teach you the dirty dance at home. To add flamenco and tango moves to your lambadaing, try Bailar Lambada. But if you just want the basics, How to Lambada, boils down the three-step dance (meaning ”to slap together”) to these moves: 1. Girl straddles boy’s right thigh. 2. Both partners’ hips sway. 3. Girl may dip from side side de, pausing to perch on the boy’s thigh. ”That’s why they call it the forbidden dance,” says the tape’s instructor, Miranda Garrison.

A Man and His Bunny
For the May 10 video debut of the 1950 comedy Harvey (about a man and his imaginary six-foot-tall rabbit), MCA persuaded star Jimmy Stewart to record an introduction to the movie. Stewart reveals that for years after the movie came out, men who ”hadn’t shaved for a couple of days” would stop him on the street to ask how his bunny friend was doing.

Congratulations to the movies included in VidAmerica’s second annual collection of the ”World’s Worst Videos.” Drum roll, please: Blazing Stewardesses, Violent Bloodbath, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, and Hospital of Terror.

Picture Disc
A new generation of CD players — able to produce still pictures from special CDs when connected to a TV — arrives this fall. One of the first applications of the system will be an interactive game disc, The Case of the Cautious Condor. Players will try to solve the complex murder mystery (there are more than 1,500 possible story lines) by moving a detective around a luxury aircraft. A series of still illustrations based on ’30s comics provide the graphics. ”We’re in the beginning stages of this (new medium),” says Tiger president Laura Buddine. ”Our D.W. Griffith hasn’t come along yet.”

Who’s Watching What
Director Lawrence Kasdan’s favorite video rental: The Battle of Algiers (1965), about the Algerian revolt from 1954-1962. It’s astoundingly good,” he says.