Video news for the week of May 4, 1990 |


Video news for the week of May 4, 1990

Video news for the week of May 4, 1990

Tape Delay
If you’ve been holding your breath for Big Man on Campus, Party Plane, The Lie, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Greatest Hits, or Following the Tundra Wolf, you can stop. These April and May video releases from Vestron are on hold pending a possible merger between the company and LIVE Entertainment. Vestron was one of the first independent video companies, but since it peaked with Dirty Dancing in 1987, it has released mostly B-grade titles. Lately, the firm has had financial difficulties.

Video Players
Attention junior video fans: not only does home video offer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but you can trade baseball cards on video, too. Priced at $6.95,the 22-minute tapes from Ohio-based Rotfeld Video highlight the careers of such b-ball greats as Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, and Pete Rose. They’re available in K mart, music stores, and, of course, through comic books.

Rent This, Buy That
Ad agency Video Box Billboard is tapping an as yet unused ad spacac the plastic cassette boxes that hold rental videos. Forty stores across Vermont have boxes that hawk everything from banks to pizzas, and the company plans to add at least 200 more New England stores this year.

Twin Peeks
Making a video means more exposure, but when the new Playboy Playmate of the Year, Reneé Tenison, Miss November 1989, taped Playmate of the Year Video Centerfold 1990 (HBO), it was more than she bargained for. ”Posing for the magazine was child’s play compared to he video,” says Tenison, the first black playmate to win the annual honor. ”When you’re shooting the still photos, three people are there, but during the taping, there were about 20 people on the set.” There are other drawbacks. In the past, Tenison has teamed with her twin sister for many modeling jobs. ”All this is very weird for her,” she says. ”If people see the magazine or video, they know what she looks like too.”