Notable videos for the week of May 11, 1990 |


Notable videos for the week of May 11, 1990

Notable videos for the week of May 11, 1990 -- Short reviews on recently released titles

Notable videos for the week of May 11, 1990

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (RCA/ Columbia, R)
A lazy, connect-the-dots second sequel to 1974’s horrifying Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It delivers the carnage but not much else. D

Moving Target (1989, Southgate)
Linda Blair and Ernest Borgnine resurface in this action drama about the girlfriend of a mob victim who becomes a target herself.

Red King, White Knight (1989, HBO)
A thriller in the spirit of glasnost: Tom Skerritt plays a CIA agent trying g keep the KGB from killing Mikhail Gorbachev. With Max von Sydow and Helen Mirren. C

Caddyshack (1980, Warner, R)
Imagine a country club where Chevy Chase plays golf, Bill Murray is the ground- keeper, and Rodney Dangerfield parties down. B

The Color Purple (1985, Warner, PG-13)
Alice Walker’s superb novel turned to mush by Steven Spielberg’s infusion of visual beauty into the story of a Southern black woman (Whoopi Goldberg) battered by her husband (Danny Glover). Oprah Winfrey turns in a fine supporting performance. C

Crossing Delancey (1988, Warner, PG)
The love story of a pickle man and a nice Jewish bookworm is contrived, but the movie mildly amuses. Amy Irving and Peter Riegert are good as the would-be lovers, but the outrageous yentas — Reizl Bozyk and Sylvia Miles — steal the show. B-

Deliverance (1972, Warner, R)
Granted, the film that inflicted ”Dueling Banjos” on the world has a lot to answer for. But John Boorman’s movie about men river- rafting into a hillbilly heart of darkness has the grandeur of Greek tragedy and the horror of Alien. A

Everybody’s All-American (1988, Warner, R)
The disillusioned life of a college football hero (Dennis Quaid) long past his prime. With John Goodman as his best buddy and Jessica Lange as his beauty-queen wife. B+

Manhunter (1986, Warner, R)
Based on Red Dragon, which Stephen King called ”the best popular novel since The Godfather,” Manhunter may be the best (and least splattery) movie yet a aut serial killers. A-

Sunday in the Park With George (1987, Warner)
Impressionist George Seurat’s Sunday in the Park on the Island of La Grande Jatte works as a point of departure for Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical about the artist. With Mandy Patinkin as the painter and Bernadette Peters as his mistress. A-

Things Change (1988, RCA/ Columbia, PG)
Shel Silverstein and David Mamet collaborated on this fable of a simple shoeshine man (Don Ameche) who is mistaken for a powerful Mafia don. B+

New On Laserdisc
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Warner)
The holidays Chevy Chase style. B

Lionheart (Warner)
Eric Stoltz and Gabriel Byrne in a medieval adventure.

Penn & Teller Get Killed (Warner)
Reviewed in this issue. D+