The latest video news for the week of July 20, 1990 |


The latest video news for the week of July 20, 1990

Disney Home Video, Kathy Showers, and Macrovision were in the news this week

See Walt Roll Over
If the turrets of the golden castle on The Little Mermaid video box look vaguely, er, masculine to you, you’re not alone. On Burbank, Calif., radio station KPWR, the gossip team known as the Hollywood Kids recently reported that a disgruntled Disney animator drew in phallic symbols as vengeance for being fired from another Disney project. ”We had listeners who had the box at home call in,” says Bob Gifford, producer of KPWR’s Morning Zoo program. ”Most of them would say, ‘I don” see anything phallic about it,’ then they’d pause and say, ‘Oh, wait a minute!”’ A Disney Home Video , spokesperson says, ”We won’t even honor that with a comment. A board of animators reviews everything very carefully. I think the whole thing was just faaricated (by the Hollywood Kids) to get airplay.” Says Lance, one of the Hollywood Kids: ”All we will say is, look at that castle.”

Title Of The Week
Robo-C.H.I.C. (A.I.P.; $79.95), starring Playboy playmate Kathy Showers and Burt Ward (Robin on TV’s Batman series). According to the box, she’s ”Part Cop, Part Machine, ALL WOMAN.”

Video Run-Off
A new study commissioned by Macrovision, a company that produces anticopying devices for videotape, claims the video industry loses $500 million a year to consumers who copy pre-recorded tapes for themselves and their friends. The study, by a New York research firm, says 41 percent of all VCR owners have either tried to copy tapes or had friends make copies for them. Single VCR households average 3.9 bootleg copies each, while multiple VCR households have an average of 15.3 renegade copies. — With additional reporting by Steve Daly