Music news for August 17, 1990 |


Music news for August 17, 1990

Music news for August 17, 1990 -- Prince and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made news this week

Glam Dancing
In mid-September, Minneapolis clubgoers will get a preview of Prince’s late fall movie, Graffiti Bridge, when the Glam Slam opens. The two-story, 20,000- square-foot night spot has the same name and decor as a fictitious club in the film. The similarity is intentional, since the place is owned by Gilbert Davison, who works for Prince’s record company, Paisley Park, in the capacity of ”right-hand man.” Paisley Park will supply hundreds of hours of unreleased music by its artists to be played in the club, including songs from Prince’s torrid Black Album. (Prince, however, has no financial interest in the Glam Slam.) Davison plans to sell three-year memberships to the club — $3,000 for individuals, $5,000 for corporations — that permit access to the venue’s second story, with its view of the dance floor and stage below. ”I’m treating the nightclub as more of a theatrical experience,” Davison says. ”It’s not just a dance hall.”

Turtles Souped
Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the color of money. First came the comic book, then the TV show and movie. In September we’ll have the reptiles’ self-titled debut album and the start of a 40-city rock-concert tour, recently announced at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Two humans, Bob Bejan and Godfrey Nelson, have cowritten the music, ostensibly with Michaelangelo (lead guitar) and Donatello (keyboards). Leonardo on bass and Raphael on sax round out the quartet, which will be joined by musicians onstage. The Turtles will play only original songs, from rap to rock, so don’t expect to hear tunes from their movie or TV series. ”Other groups were doing music about the Turtles,” explains Bejan. ”This is them, coming out of their shells.”