Giselle Benatar
November 02, 1990 AT 05:00 AM EST

In certain circles, rouged pouts are getting a lot of lip service: Director David Lynch emphasized the cosmetic statement with the scarlet women of Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart: Think of Sherilyn Fenn’s red kisser, Diane Ladd’s carmine smackers, and Laura Dern’s blood-red smear. Michelle Buhler, who did the makeup for Wild, claims the look was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. ”We wanted to get the hot sexy feeling,” Buhler explains, ”from the lips that Marilyn always had.” It may have been a Marilyn impersonator who resurrected the trend. Her glossed pucker has become a signature (she sports the look again in her MTV voter-registration spot). But is it for real? Some speculate the blond one is attempting to cover up silicone injections.

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