Casey Davidson
November 09, 1990 AT 05:00 AM EST

In a last-ditch effort to save face after Texasville bombed, Peter Bogdanovich is pleading to have the movie shown as a double feature with his 1971 hit, The Last Picture Show, to which Texasville is a sequel. Instead, Columbia will release a newly edited video version of Last Picture early next year with the addition of ”a racy six-minute seduction scene on a pool table,” says an industry source. A copyright dispute over soundtrack songs-and a single missing shot -has kept Last Picture out of video stores until now, according to Bogdanovich. The director says a nude shot of Cybill Shepherd, his ex-girlfriend and star of both films, was clipped from the master negative of Last Picture and stolen from a studio vault. The source couldn’t confirm that footage was missing, but says, ”I would trust (Bogdanovich) on that.” According to the same source, the double-feature idea was ”considered and rejected” early in Texasville’s marketing scheme because ”everyone, Bogdanovich included, realized how much better Last Picture was.”

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