Ken Tucker
November 23, 1990 AT 05:00 AM EST

I'll Take Romance

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Linda Evans, Kenneth Mars, Tom Skerritt
Comedy, TV Movie

We gave it a D

Dynasty‘s Linda Evans shoulders her way through this tissue-thin romantic comedy about a Seattle TV weather forecaster. During a sweeps period, she gets cajoled into running an on-air ”Most Romantic Man in Seattle” contest — the winner gets to date her. Now, she’s happy with her present boyfriend (Alien‘s Tom Skerritt), but, wouldn’t you know it, one of the contestants (Larry Poindexter) is a charming hunk, and she finds herself falling in love. Many tedious complications ensue.

The movie asks us to like Evans’ character because she’s not a ”weather girl” — she is, as she says a few times, a meteorologist, and she makes a big to-do about studying weather maps while she’s having her makeup applied. But here’s a supposedly serious professional who, the second her bosses ask her to, abandons all dignity and starts soliciting men over the airwaves. Evans’ character is just a management shill, but at least the management here is amusing: You don’t see veteran character actor Kenneth Mars (Young Frankenstein) around much anymore, so it’s great to find him goofing around as a cowboy station owner who wears a 10-gallon hat around the office and says things like ”Dad-gummit!” He’s the only funny person in this comedy. D

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