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1990's best (and worst) for kids

1990's best (and worst) for kids -- See where ''The Secret of Nimh,'' ''Woodsong,'' and ''Home Alone'' ended up on our list

Best Videos

1. The Secret of NIMH
Kids whose knowledge of animation is limited to Saturday-morning TV will have their eyes opened by this spectacular, newly remastered production, about a diffident mouse who must test her will. Though Secret might frighten some young kids, the music, by Paul Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, and the narration, by John Carradine, Dom DeLuise, and others, are memorable. — Jeff Unger

2. Paul Bunyan
Narrator Jonathan Winters sounds so convincing as one of Paul Bunyan’s logging buddies that you’ll think he was there when Paul took that swing with his ax and felled 23 trees. Rick Meyerowitz’s clever illustrations include a plug of tobacco shaped like an electrical plug and a teddy bear and bull moose in Teddy Roosevelt’s Oval Office. — Jeff Unger

3. Owl Moon and Other Stories
Because these four charming stories are timeless, this videotape should have a long shelf life. The subjects are ones that children almost always find intriguing: things like animals, legends, the ocean, and stormy weather. The artwork (both animation and illustration) is evocative, and the narration is straight-forward and understated. — JU

Worst Video

Briar Rose, Rapunzel, Old Sultan
This looks like the ”before” lesson in a taped series on how to tell stories. Someone should have informed the producers that if kids wanted to watch a man (Jack Harper) standing stock still, holding a book, and reading from it — which is all that happens here — they could always seek out good old dad. — JU