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What entertained these entertainers?

What entertained these entertainers? -- Queen Latifah, Johnny Depp, Ethan Hawke, and others tell us what they enjoyed this year

Is there anyone more opinionated about movies, music, or television that entertainers? They live their lives awash in films, TV shows, records, videotapes, and books turned out by fellow artists. In these pages, some notable actors, directors, singers, writers, producers, and others look back at the year and offer their answers to the question: What entertainment will you remember most from 1990?

”When the controversy over 2 Live Crew pushed their album to double platinum status and when they were cleared of obscenity charges. Censor, eat dirt!”
Queen Latifah
Rap singer

”The success of a film like Ghost brought Hollywood to such depths of sentimental introspection that Arnold Schwarzenegger became a kindergarten teacher. Will 1991 bring us Sylvester Stallone as Atticus in a remake of To Kill a Mockingbird?”
Pamela Reed
Actress, TV’s Grand and Schwarzenegger’s Kindergarten Cop

”Wayne Newton and Tone Loc played on the same stage together one night in Las Vegas. And Winona (Ryder), Tim (Burton), and I were there to see it.”
Johnny Depp
Actor, Edward Scissorhands

”Audrey?s (Sherilyn Fenn on Twin Peaks) cherry stem blew everything away with its style and finesse.”
Allan Havey
Host of the Comedy Channel’s program Night After Night

Dances With Wolves — it’s just a brilliant movie, a painting. As a personal memory, hosting Saturday Night Live at the end of October. The trill of doing live television is a rare opportunity.”
Susan Lucci
Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery on All My Children

”I think it’s that Home Alone has been a box-office hit, which reinforces the power and clout that children have in the entertainment marketplace. The producers delivered a creative piece that’s very funny to kids and also speaks to parents. Its metaphor is something we should all think about because that’s largely how it is at home. All those concepts that Macaulay Culkin came up with are things kids pull off every day in America.”
Geraldine Laybourne
President, Nickelodeon/Nick at Night

”What I?ll remember most about this year is Home Alone, because I worked on it for four months.”
Macaulay Culkin
The movie’s star

”The tremendous loss of the word-renowned Sammy Davis Jr.”
La Toya Jackson

”We had booked Ostaro the psychic window washer on the show. He said to Hal Gurnee, the director, ‘I’m here to predict the Oscars,’ and Hal said, ‘I predict you won’t get on tonight’ — and he didn’t.”
Barbara Gaines
Production coordinator, Late Night With David Letterman

”The thing that impressed me the most this year was the commitment of time and money of Liz Taylor, Madonna, and other stars to benefit AIDS, the environment, and other charities.”
Robin Platzer
Celebrity photographer

”I guess I’d have to say it’s some books that I’ve read, like T. Coraghesan Boyle’s East is East and P.D. James’ Devices & Desires. Also, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose is an entertaining highlight because it’s so inventive.”
Blair Brown
Actress, The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

Green Card, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Henry V — it wasn’t made in 1990, but I’m still thinking about it — and Dances With Wolves.”
Ethan Hawke
Actor, Dead Poets Society

”From a personal perspective, I will remember 1990 as the year that MTV went to Moscow, reaching 88 million Soviet households on commercially sponsored Soviet television.”
Sumner Redstone
Chairman, Viacom International Inc., the owner of MTV Networks

”Seeing Ice-T at A Gathering of the Tribes (a two-day concert held in Los Angeles and San Francisco).”
Sinéad O’Connor

”The Keating Five. That’s real entertainment, more compelling than a lot of movies I’ve seen. Also that Civil War documentary. All in all, that will be around a lot longer than most things. Of course, it’s not exactly entertainment, unless you like funerals, but at least it was first-rate.”
Richard Sylbert
Production designer, Dick Tracy