Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy

Genre: Electronic; Lead Performer: Adamski; Producer (group): MCA

London ”acid-house” up-and-comer Adamski’s first album, early 1990’s Liveandirect, was mostly instrumental dance Muzak that listeners outside its dance-floor audience might find appropriate for hallucinatory trips to Venus and not for much else. But his follow-up, Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy, is less pretentious, more varied, and more fun. This time he tries to sing, and while he retains the electronic keyboard doodling he started out with, here he uses it as a break in the action rather than as an end in itself. Especially toward the end of the disc, Adamski really lets down his guard and tries to entertain the masses. He even turns the theme from David Lynch’s 1978 movie Eraserhead into the chorus for a ridiculous alphabet song. His zig-zagging synthesizer squiggles still tend to drift toward the stratosphere, and his crooning is painfully overwrought. But if parts of Musical Pharmacy are indeed pretty boneheaded, at least it’s the kind of boneheadedness you don’t need to be high on drugs to appreciate. B

Originally posted January 11 1991 — 12:00 AM EST

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