Janiss Garza
February 22, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

Saints and Sinners

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Kane Roberts

We gave it a B

Oh, no: Not another commercially oriented hard-rock band! From Journey to Winger, there has been a proliferation of music containing timeworn hooks, soaring keyboards, and schmaltzy power ballads. It’s enough to lull the most devoted pop fan into lullaby land. But even though Kane Roberts remains true to that formulaic structure, pandering to the least common denominator of musical taste, he surprisingly offers a fresh-faced approach that’s bound to open some eyes. Once known as Alice Cooper’s bodybuilding lead guitarist, Roberts has slimmed down and revealed some brains beneath his former brawn. Take the Beatlesque bridge in ”Wild Nights” or the self-mocking combination of church organ and erotic female moans on ”I’m Not Lookin’ for an Angel.” These are witty touches that most pop-metal bands don’t have the imagination to think up. And though the inevitable, dreaded ballad (”Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?”) virtually drips with weepy sentiment, at least it’s good enough to be a probable hit. Saints and Sinners is a likable record that comes close to making hard pop a credible commodity. B

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