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What's new in Kids pop culture

The latest entertainment for kids including ''Small Talk,'' ''Morning Magic,'' and more

Small Talk Jan Pie´kowski
But big mouths. The colorful creatures in this pop-up book tell an open-and-shut tale about how a story is altered as it’s passed from one animal to another. A

Morning Magic Joanie Bartels
Rise and shine with this collection of wake-up songs. There are lovely renditions of ”Morning Has Broken,” ”Good Day Sunshine,” and ”Put on a Happy Face.” A-

Rip Van WInkle
From the classic Sleepy Hollow tale, a sleeper hit. The animated Claymation figures have a mesmerizing effect. A+

The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau Jon Agee
A very funny send-up of the pretensions in the art world-and a message about the meaning of true art. A+