EW Staff
March 22, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

MOVIES: Now that a new brand of Western is in, leave it to stylemeister Michael Mann — who brought pastel tones and oversaturated lighting to television in the mid-’80s with Miami Vice — to jump on the chuck wagon. Mann has written and will direct an adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic, The Last of the Mohicans, to star Daniel Day-Lewis. Set during the French and Indian War, with shooting to start in North Carolina in June, Mohicans will be in its third incarnation: It was first filmed with Randolph Scott in 1936 and was remade for TV in 1977…
MUSIC: Things didn’t exactly go as planned at the first-ever Rap Hall of Fame Awards, held March 7 at the Manhattan club Ajax. For one thing, scheduled performers Queen Latifah and A Tribe Called Quest were no-shows, as was one of the inductees, producer Marley Marl. And then there was the spontaneous induction that took place when the audience demanded that the legendary deejay Grandmaster Flash be brought on stage and saluted in Marl’s absence. Meanwhile, stars like Biz Markie and Kid of Kid ‘N Play (who starts filming House Party II this week) mingled with the large crowd made up mostly of female fans and male would-be rappers…
PRINT: As usual, author Tracy Kidder has his finger on the yuppie pulse. First he anticipated the computer age (The Soul of a New Machine), then the homebuilding craze (House), then education (Among Schoolchildren). And now Kidder has tackled a subject that’s increasingly on the mind of Baby Boomers: elder care. He is at work on an as-yet-untitled book about a nursing home in western Massachusetts. — James Greenberg, Bob Mack, and Tina Jordan

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