Genre: Horror; Starring: Richard E. Grant, Steve Miner, Julian Sands; MPAA Rating: R

Warlock is an occult schlock-o-rama, with special effects so low-budget they might have come out of a joke shop. There are gelatinous eyeballs, a rubbery severed tongue, and a psychic (Mary Woronov) who’s transformed into a demon with big yellow teeth. (Trust me, it’s veddy scaddy!) Mostly, though, there are two respectable British actors — Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant — standing around graveyards and farmhouses spouting pseudo-literate gothic gibberish. As the Satan-fighting good guy who arrives from 17th-century Boston, Grant gets to display little of the sputtering, high-octane dementia that made him such a perverse delight in Withnail & I. The movie would have been more entertaining if he had played the warlock.

Originally posted April 19 1991 — 12:00 AM EDT

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