Bill Wyman
July 19, 1991 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Shades of Two Worlds

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We gave it a B

While often lumped in with the great dinosaur bands of the ’70s, the Allman Brothers are actually a different species entirely. Unpretentious and often quite artful, these Southern boogie boys resolutely stood by their music and their world despite the vicissitudes of life and fame — the former, of course, including the motorcycle accident that killed guitarist Duane Allman in 1971, just as the band’s fame was cresting. Shades of Two Worlds is a respectable follow-up to the band’s not unrespectable 1990 comeback, Seven Turns. ”Nobody Knows” is the standout, a coursing, jazzy jam with instrumental swells, percolating drum tracks, and dramatic lead vocal (by Gregg Allman) that recall the band’s salad days. ”End of the Line” is a somewhat overwrought shouter, but ”Kind of Bird” is an uncharacteristically sensitive tribute to Charlie Parker, and Gregg’s cover of Robert Johnson’s ”Come on in My Kitchen” isn’t bad by half. It’s all wholesome Southern boogie, by the genre’s greatest and most sympathetic practitioners. B

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