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David Browne
July 26, 1991 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Extremely Live

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Vanilla Ice

We gave it a D

Record companies — what jokesters. Back in the ’60s, MGM Records released The Best of Marcel Marceau — applause at the beginning of each side followed by two sides of silence. Now SBK has unveiled Extremely Live, a tepid (and thus far tepidly received) follow-up to Vanilla Ice’s 10 million-selling debut album. Recorded in concert and extensively remixed in the studio, the album affords you the chance to hear inane stage patter (exhortations of ”Let me hear you say, ‘Ice Ice Baby’!” and ”Go, white boy, Go!”) and unaccompanied drumming, during which, one assumes, Ice and his posse are onstage dancing. Most mind-boggling is the 8:52 band introduction, in which each member of the posse is named, followed again by more silent steps. Extremely Live doesn’t quite top the Marceau album. After all, it does include new studio tracks, including a version of ”Satisfaction” that could make Mick and Keith refuse the royalties. And unlike Marcel’s record, Ice has to open his mouth (”I gotta No. 1 rekkid!” he says at one point). In any case, Extremely Live is one of the most ridiculous albums ever released. SBK — what a bunch of cards. D

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