Susan Stewart
August 02, 1991 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Chickens On Vacation!

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Rick Charette
Pine Point Records
Kids and Family

We gave it a B+

Rick Charette (”I Love Mud,” ”Baxter the Bear”) belongs to the clever-tot school of songwriting. He transforms himself into a precocious youngster, creates chaos, and then enjoys describing it. His songs are instruction manuals for making messes. This is no doubt why they irritate me and put a gleam in the eye of my 3-year-old.

In Chickens on Vacation!, ”I Spilled My Juice” is a nightmare scenario in which juice runs down the driveway and across the street and gets the neighborhood insects dancing. ”Taking My Cat Down the Slide” is a song in the same vein. Nestled among these horrors are sweet self-esteem builders, the hilarious title tune, and, in ”In My Pocket,” an alarming recipe for slime that you can make in your own kitchen. That alone is reason to buy this tape, or avoid it completely. You decide. B+

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