Ken Tucker
September 20, 1991 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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David Rasche, Arnetia Walker, Loni Anderson, Jeff Altman, Richard Mulligan
Doctor/Medical/Hospital, Comedy

We gave it a C

As a concept, Nurses is amusingly clever. Producers Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas have tied Nurses into two of their team’s other sitcoms — the show is set in the same Miami hospital where Empty Nest‘s Richard Mulligan has his practice, which is also the hospital where the Golden Girls go for an occasional checkup or medical emergency. Viewers expecting lots of series crossover won’t be disappointed this week, when the sassy Empty Nest nurse played by Park Overall strolls over to the nurses’ station that is Nurses‘ primary set.

As a sitcom, however, this new show is only moderately amusing. Of its large group of nurses, only the neurotic ditz played by Mary Jo Keenen and the neurotic madman played by stand-up comic Jeff Altman elicit chuckles, and the central character, a noble nurse played by Stephanie Hodge (My Talk Show), hasn’t been given enough of a personality. The humor is mostly a litany of complaints, from having too many bedpans to empty to griping ”Why aren’t our uniforms black? Why do nurses have to look twice the size of other people?” If Witt and Thomas had concentrated more on quality and less on concept, Nurses might have been a better show. C

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