Alanna Nash
November 22, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

Fighting Fire With Fire

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Davis Daniel

We gave it an B

Newcomer Davis Daniel learned to play guitar from a Willie Nelson songbook, something that almost qualifies him as country’s fifth generation. But Daniel, 30, isn’t too inexperienced to recognize good country tunes when he hears them, especially ”I Ain’t the One,” a poignant song about teetering on the losing end of love. In Fighting Fire With Fire, Daniel also wins the Porter Wagoner Drama Award for cowriting ”Down on My Knees,” a great piece of trashy hillbilly angst in which a desperate man is torn between the Bible and the bottle. Willie notwithstanding, Daniel’s a subscriber to the Merle Haggard/Keith Whitley school of honky-tonk heroes, smoothly emulating their catch-and-choke vocal style. Of course, it takes a bit of living to sing with the bruised emotion of the masters, but if Daniel keeps following his musical instincts, he’s liable to turn into a contender. B

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