Jane Birnbaum
November 22, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

The controversy between a local radio station and L.A. TV news anchors Bree Walker Lampley and husband Jim Lampley is getting meaner. When Walker Lampley, who has a rare genetic condition causing bone fusion in the hands and feet, was pregnant last summer, KFI-AM aired a call-in show that asked, ”Is it fair to bring a child into the world that you’re pretty sure has a very good chance of having a disfiguring disease?” The child was born in August with ectrodactylism, and in October the Lampleys asked the FCC to revoke the station’s license, charging KFI with personal attacks and misinformation that violate FCC guidelines.

Now KFI is fighting back, and the accusations are heated. ”Bree is using her disability for her own promotion purposes,” says KFI general manager Howard Neal, who claims the Lampleys are trying to launch a new national TV show. Their FCC protest, says Neal, is just ”a way of propelling them into it.”

But Jim Lampley says that’s not true. ”There’s no offer, no contemplation of a show,” he says. Just thinking of it, he adds, ”would give ammo to those who say we’re building an image.”

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