Terry Catchpole
November 22, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

Video portraits of artists

Hans Hartung: A German Destiny, Marcel Duchamp: A Game of Chess, and Otto Dix: The Painter is the Eyes of the World remind us that great artists’ greatest works are often their own lives. Germans Hartung and Dix — the first a pioneering abstract painter, the second best known for his Cubist antiwar caricatures — flourished during the Weimar creative renaissance, only to be blacklisted during the Third Reich; the Dadaist Duchamp avoided French military service in 1915 and thereafter lived most of his life in exile. Despite disruption and adversity, they continued to create seminal masterworks and saw critical and popular success in their lifetimes. German documentary filmmaker Reiner Moritz goes beyond the spectacular canvases to capture the spirit that drove the artists. All three tapes: A

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