David Browne
December 13, 1991 AT 05:00 AM EST

Seed State

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In Season

We gave it a B+

On their recent single ”The Fly,” U2 took a shot at industrial dance-rock — a bass-heavy, densely textured style of pop — and missed. Head of David, however, has that style down cold. Seed State, the first U.S. album by these British gloom merchants, gives new meaning to the genre — their claustrophobic clatter is the sound of a punk-metal band rehearsing next to a General Motors assembly line. ”I’m flesh and bone/ It’s my design/How primitive,” rasps singer Stephen Burrows; guitarist Eric Jurenovskis’ rapid-fire licks and the unrelenting goose step of the band’s drum machine say the rest. The album takes a breather during some slower (and less interesting) pieces. But for the most part, Seed State is the sound of a mechanized society crushing all forms of life, set to a beat that won’t quit. B+

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