Jamie Diamond
March 13, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

What makes Sammi Davis-Voss run? Her impulsiveness, in part. And what put the 27-year-old British actress on the starting line was her calligraphy. Arriving in London eight years ago, she fired off exquisitely penned letters to casting agents and landed a TV part, then roles in Mona Lisa and Hope and Glory. Now she’s making her mark as the calculating British war bride in ABC’s Homefront.

Davis-Voss quit her small-town Catholic girls’ school at 15 and moved on her own to Birmingham, where she happened into acting. ”As a kid I just watched things,” she says. ”Nothing really got in. But acting fit like a glove.” Make that a small glove: Suffering from anorexia, Davis-Voss had dropped as low as 65 pounds. ”But when I started acting, it mended me. I started eating.”

She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, writer-director Kurt Voss, 28, whom she met on 1991’s Horseplayer. ”Last year we went to Las Vegas and got married,” she reports. ”I rang my parents, and they nearly fainted.”

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