Jill Rachlin
May 08, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Even Arnold would have been hard-pressed to pump up this unoriginal sci-fi saga about a race-car driver (lightweight Emilio Estevez) who has been snatched into the future so that a dying millionaire can take over his body. Directed by Geoff Murphy, Freejack is rife with run-of-the-mill action sequences and glaring inconsistencies. To make matters worse, the unimaginative special effects are further dissipated on video, where the film’s dark hues appear more muddy than macabre. In fact, there are only two reasons to rent (and if you’re smart, fast-forward through) this movie: Mick Jagger and Anthony Hopkins. Jagger is surprisingly engaging as a leather-clad bounty hunter, and in a small but pivotal role, Oscar winner Hopkins gives a portrayal of a desperate corporate kingpin that is as full-bodied as, well, a good Chianti. D+

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