Suzanne Ruta
May 29, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Body of Truth

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David Lindsey
Fiction, Mystery and Thriller

We gave it an A-

The serial killer in David Lindsey’s Body of Truth, is the Guatemalan army. Given a country where 150,000 people have been murdered or disappeared by their own government and security forces in the past three decades, Lindsey (Mercy) doesn’t have to invent horror, terror, and torture. He lifts them from the reports of Amnesty International. Shocked by the mutilated corpse on page 95? Lindsey is describing a well-known photograph shot in a Guatemalan morgue in 1985.

The macabre politics of some, the armored cynicism of others hamper likeable Houston detective Stuart Haydon in his search for a Texas oilman’s missing daughter. This is a thinking man’s thriller. It has those tough little Graham Greene aphorisms and the nasty intrigues that implicate everyone. The best scenes, set in morgues, cemeteries, and the clandestine prisons of the ”Latin gulag,” carry Lindsey’s provocative message: The truth about Guatemala is available, but the world does not seem to care. A-

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