Ken Tucker
June 26, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Down the Shore

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Anna Gunn, Louis Mandylor, Monica Horan

We gave it a D

Always unpredictable, Fox has now given us a show about three men and three women who share a New Jersey beach house for the summer, and it’s not just the leering, sophomoric sitcom you’d expect from the network that gave us Married…With Children and Herman’s Head.

Instead, it’s worse: Down the Shore is a leering, sophomoric sitcom that’s trying to pass itself off as sensitive and semiliterate. The June 21 episode involved Eddie, the plump, insecure roommate (Tom McGowan) losing his virginity to Arden, the gorgeous ”ice princess” roommate (Anna Gunn). Eddie is slobberingly grateful, but Arden admits that far from being just a cold fish, she’s a lonely fish, and, ”For a little while with you, I felt wanted and that was nice.” Blehhh.

This episode is about Aldo, the dumb, handsome, Tony Danza-ish roommate (Louis Mandylor, of Necessary Roughness), who begins to think that the girl he’s dating (Monica Horan) is a violent psychotic. She’s not, but she lets him think she is to teach him a lesson about…well, about being nicer to violent psychotics, I guess. Down the Shore seems to think that if it offers a few noble messages, audiences will forgive the series its jokeless scripts. This is a big mistake. D

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