Benjamin Svetkey
June 26, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Special

TV Show
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In Season
Paramount Home Video
Sci-fi and Fantasy

We gave it a D+

If you unspooled every Star Trek video now on the shelves — the 79 classic TV episodes, the newer Next Generation vids, the six feature films, the special anniversary boxed sets-you’d probably have enough tape to reach Rigel 7, wherever that is. Twenty-five years after its debut, this quirky sci-fi series endures as a pop-culture colossus, the most beloved and profitable cult franchise since the Dawn of Television.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Special arrives in video stores along with Star Trek VI, though it’s not worth even a nominal rental fee. The program originally aired on syndicated TV last September; the only viewers who’d possibly be interested now are hard-core aficionados who simply must see everything with the Enterprise in it. It features puffy interview clips with the late Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, random accolades from famous Trekkies (John Tesh, Buzz Aldrin, and Dan Quayle), and a faux-scientific report on space training camp from Next Generation star LeVar Burton. No doubt the 50th-anniversary special will be much better. D+

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