Billy Altman
July 31, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Choo Choo Hot Fish

Current Status
In Season
Great Pyramid, JRS

We gave it a B-

With nearly every album ever made being reissued on CD, it’s logical that nearly every predigital band that ever broke up is coming out of the waxworks to reunite. Is everything old really new again? Stray Cats fans will probably be annoyed, after hearing Choo Choo Hot Fish because it’s the album they should have made back in 1983 to follow up their 15 minutes of fame. ”Crybaby” and ”Please Don’t Touch” display a tough edge, and Brian Setzer’s impressive guitar work implies he has been studying at the feet of a (probably reissued) Les Paul collection. As the Cats sing on ”Elvis on Velvet”: ”Thy kingdom come/Thy will be done/Thy records rereleased.”

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