Ken Tucker
September 18, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Hat Squad

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Billy Warlock

We gave it a C+

Years from now, the strapping young men who comprise The Hat Squad will look back and be grateful that their fedoras disguised half their faces — this lid-obsessed crime drama gives new meaning to the term “over the top.” Nestor Serrano, Don Michael Paul, and Baywatch‘s Billy Warlock star as special-division cops assigned, as a CBS press release puts it, to “nail the most wanted of criminals.” So far, this mandate has included a villain named Victory who doesn’t just blow innocent people away — he steals kids’ baseball cards! (Typical line of dialogue from one of the heroic Hats: “Hey — we own this dirtbag.”)

The show, created by producer Stephen J. Cannell (The A-Team, The Rockford Files), is at least fast-moving and not without a certain nutty charm. Serrano’s character, for example, has a trademark weapon: He can slice up bad guys with a mere playing card. If I had seen this show when I was 12, I’d have loved a detail like that, and heaven help my little brother the next time we played Go Fish. C+

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