Steve Daly
September 18, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Laurel and Hardy in the Chimp, County Hospital, One Good Turn, and Beau Hunks

Current Status
In Season
Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel
Short, Comedy

We gave it a C-

They didn’t direct, like auteurs Keaton or Chaplin, but at their best, Laurel and Hardy made the slow burn an art form. Unfortunately, the team isn’t shown to great advantage in these choppy, clumsily shot shorts. The gags mostly feel mistimed as whinnying Stan and fuming Ollie try to smuggle The Chimp past a landlord, fall afoul of a hypodermic sedative at the County Hospital, do an old lady One Good Turn, and disrupt the foreign legion in Beau Hunks. The slapped-on colorization doesn’t help: It bleeds past Stan’s redheaded hairline, and the other hues are so pastel pale they give the shorts a more antique cast than they’d have in black and white. Of course, you can turn down your TV’s color knob, but that only points up how the contrast has been grayed out to make the colors register. Instead try renting uncolorized copies of two great shorts from the same period, The Music Box and Helpmates. C+

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