Bob Cannon
October 02, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Raw Toonage

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We gave it an A-

From the experienced hands at Disney comes Raw Toonage, an entertaining grab bag of parodies, kid videos, and original cartoon shorts. In addition to some familiar Disney characters like Ludwig Von Drake, two characters new to the Disney family are introduced. Bonkers D. Bobcat is a cat working as a delivery boy who has more adrenaline than sense, and Marsupilami (a comic-book star in Europe since the mid-’60s) is a jungle animal whose 25-foot tail can turn into any shape, such as a spring that can be used for a quick getaway.

Among the many genuinely witty regular features: a weekly parody of kid culture called “Totally Tasteless Video,” with episodes like “Doggie Schnauzer, M.D.,” who “finished medical school in six weeks but flunked obedience training 47 times.”

Viewers used to Disney’s high quality of animation and storytelling won’t be disappointed. The series uses plenty of sight gags and in-jokes to maintain an energetic pace without playing dumb for kids. At one point Von Drake explains the rules of “cartoon physics,” such as why an animated figure is able to pull a grand piano out of his coat pocket. This is one cartoon that’s proud to be a cartoon. A-

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