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October 23, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

NOT IN THE CARDS: Kathleen Turner’s post-War of the Roses career continues to spin out. Following last year’s PI flop, V.I. Warshawski, she made House of Cards, a drama costarring Tommy Lee Jones. Unfortunately, Twentieth Century Fox just pulled Cards from the schedule and says it will not release the film. The studio would give no other comment, but industry observers say they saw this coming. ”There were no trailers for House, not even on E!” says one. ”Always a bad sign.”…

DRIVERS, HE SAID: The latest addition to the ever-expanding world of cable TV is the American Transportation Television Network, otherwise known as the Trucker’s Channel. Or actually the Driver’s Channel, since — according to ATTN’s chairman, Steve Cohen — drivers is the politically correct term for truckers. The Washington, D.C.-based ATTN will transmit six hours of daily programming to satellite dishes at truck stops nationwide. Fare will range from traffic and weather reports to such features as Truck Stop Cafe, ”with stand-up comedians who have a trucker bent, slightly rougher fare than normal,” says Cohen, and Man to Man, ”a talk show for the modern driver, with guests like Robert Bly and Camille Paglia.” Ten four, good buddy, come back?…

COMIC STRIP: One thing viewers of NBC’s recent Comedy Store’s 20th Birthday didn’t see was Jim Carrey (Fire Marshall Bill of In Living Color) on stage wearing only a 3-foot-long condom/sock. Carrey joined comics Louie Anderson, Richard Belzer, and others for the taping’s final bow, but censors superimposed the Comedy Store’s logo over Carrey. The club’s owner, Mitzi Shore, isn’t sure what Carrey was trying to accomplish. ”But what I really want to know is, how did he keep it on?” she asks….

MUSCLING IN: Pop-eyed wrestler Hulk Hogan is throwing his weight around in posh Bellaire, Fla. He razed a 62-year-old historic mansion, reportedly because of termites, in order to construct a new $2 million house on the site. ”It’s almost as if he’s the neighborhood bully,” says one resident. ”We’re all a bit nervous about him moving in. I think we’re going to have security and safety problems.”…

CITY NEW TO JACK: The folks at Castle Rock just made a discovery about Jack Palance and their 1991 hit, City Slickers. When Palance accepted his Best Supporting Oscar for Slickers in March — and wowed the world with his one-armed push-up technique — he hadn’t even seen the film yet. In fact, he finally caught it on a plane a few weeks ago.

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