Alan Carter
October 23, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The viewers who were scandalized by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser’s quickie on the kitchen table in the premiere of NBC’s prime-time Mad About You clearly don’t watch daytime dramas. Because when it comes to dreaming up unusual locales for getting it on, there is no more fertile imagination than in the soap writer’s mind. In addition to trysts in assorted planes, trains, and automobiles, daytime’s oversexed denizens have made it:

*In a chemistry lab on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful

*Atop a piano, in a boardroom, and near a (presumed) dead body on NBC’s Santa Barbara

*In a cave and in a beauty parlor on ABC’s All My Children

*Beneath a waterfall on CBS’ Guiding Light

*In a sauna and at the office on CBS’ The Young and the Restless

*In a pond and in a hayloft on CBS’ As the World Turns

*In the supply closets (several) and on a dance floor on ABC’s General Hospital

But no character has scored in a wider variety of places (and with a wider variety of partners) than interior designer/detective Tina on ABC’s One Life to Live. ”When I first came on the show I asked all the other actors what my relationship to them was,” says Karen Witter, who has played Tina since 1990. ”All the men said they had slept with me and all the women said they hated me.” In her 14 libidinous years on One Life, Tina has coupled with her swains in an abandoned theater, on top of a desk, even inside a walk-in freezer. ”From time to time she does have sex in a bed, you know,” Witter deadpans. ”But it does seem to still happen more on red velvet curtains.” So what’s covering the windows?

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