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November 13, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

SHEEP’S CLOTHING: Bad-boy director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) says Madonna will star in his Snake Eyes flick, shooting in January. ”It’s about a director (to be played by Harvey Keitel, Lieutenant‘s star) with problems on and off the set,” says Ferrara. ”He’s making a picture kind of like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” — and living out its horror story in real life. Madonna will play the ”Martha”-like role….

BAD BREAK: Patricia Boughton, a Rod Stewart fan whose finger was hurt by a soccer ball the singer kicked into a Michigan audience in 1989, has won a $17,000 settlement. If that seems like a steep sum for a damaged digit, consider the accident’s consequences: Boughton’s ex-husband said the mishap made sex between the two ”very difficult” and contributed to the breakup of their 14-year marriage….

OEDIPUS VEX: Development has begun on an untitled Fox sitcom pairing Richard Lewis with veteran in-your-face insult master Don Rickles as his father. Lewis should have no problem retaining his trademark neuroses, not with his dad referring to him as ”hockey puck” and ”dummy.”…

HE’S NO COLUMBUS: Two movies about the Apache chieftain Geronimo will begin filming in ’93: Walter Hill’s big-budget extravaganza scripted by John Milius for Columbia and a Turner Network Television version. The last time Hollywood took a crack at the legend was with 1962’s Geronimo!, starring Chuck Connors in a silly wig….

HEAVEN CAN WAIT: A song Janis Joplin intended to record on her last album, ”I’m Gonna Rock My Way to Heaven,” will be the finale of a new Broadway show about her life, claims composer Jerry Ragovoy, coauthor of Joplin’s ”Piece of My Heart.” One problem: The ”Heaven” lyricist, known simply as ”Jenny,” has disappeared. Ragovoy vows to find her so he can give her royalties. But chances of her showing up might not be likely. If you remember the ’60s, you weren’t really there….

MOMMIE DEAREST: This month’s No-Ego Award goes to Liz Taylor, 60, who’s up for the role as the mother of Barbra Streisand, 50, in TriStar’s The Mirror Has Two Faces. Harrison Ford, 50, has been discussed as Streisand’s romantic interest in the love story. Shooting should begin in March or April if the stars can agree on a director, now that Streisand has decided only to act in the movie. She’s probably too young for the directing job, anyway.

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