Diane Goldner
December 04, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

After putting its projects on the back burner during nearly a year of federal bankruptcy proceedings, Orion Pictures is again making news. Now restructured and free to release its inventory, Orion is first rushing out Love Field, a Michelle Pfeiffer drama made two years ago, for a limited release on Dec. 11, just in time for Oscar consideration. Here’s a preview of upcoming Orion features.

*Plot: Playing a Jackie Kennedy-obsessed divorcée, Pfeiffer costars with Dennis Haysbert in this interracial love story set in Texas at the time of the Kennedy assassination. *Buzz: With few contenders for the Best Actress Oscar this year, Orion thinks Pfeiffer has a good shot. And the film may put Haysbert in the same league as Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes.

*Plot: Finished two years ago, the psychodrama stars Jessica Lange as an insecure woman in an emotional tailspin and Tommy Lee Jones as her buttoned-up but wildly adoring military husband. *Buzz: Lange gives a killer performance in director Tony Richardson’s final effort.

*Plot: Ed Harris stars in this two-year-old thriller as a homicide detective whose lover (Madeleine Stowe) is accused of shooting her abusive husband. Tricky business. *Buzz: Harris could finally be recognized as the leading man he is.

*Plot: Based on the Stephen King novel, this year-old chiller features Timothy Hutton as a writer who, for a PR stunt, erects a tombstone for his evil pseudonym, but the next day his dark half crawls out of the grave to wreak havoc. *Buzz: Stephen King directed by George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) almost can’t fail.

*Plot: In this PG-13 three-quel made last year, Robocop’s new Japanese owners plan to build a huge city, but old Robo (Robert Burke takes over for Peter Weller) turns renegade when he realizes thousands of people must be evicted first. *Buzz: The sequel saw a fall off from Robocop; now, the franchise is gunning for the kids.

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