Alanna Nash
December 11, 1992 AT 05:00 AM EST

Billy Ray Cyrus Live

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Billy Ray Cyrus

We gave it a D-

In the pantheon of popular music, the summer of ’92 will be remembered as the time when a hip-thrusting dance song and the fling of a trashy ponytail propelled a fourth-rate talent into the national spotlight. Billy Ray Cyrus may be country’s most potent groin teaser, but he’s so spectacularly ungifted and delusional about his contribution (he wants his tombstone to read: ”Some Gave All”) that it’s almost cruel to fuel his dreams. As on his album, Cyrus performs only two good songs here (”Achy Breaky Heart” and ”Could’ve Been Me”), and he sings both of them flat. But maybe his true genius is for sleight of hand: On ”Wher’m I Gonna Live,” he wears one shirt for several bars, then another, then the first again, without ever once putting down his guitar! Or maybe the editor of Billy Ray Cyrus Live is making a subtle point about the mercurial nature of celebrity. ”We’ve been to the fair and seen the bear, ain’t we?” Cyrus remarks to a longtime band member. Yep, we have, Billy Ray, we sure have. D-

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