Michael Sauter
January 22, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST


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We gave it a C

Just when you thought the war was finally over, along come two more movies about the horror of Vietnam. One is set ”in country,” the other at home, and the two are as different as hawks and doves. The made-for-video Firehawk is a farfetched adventure in which a downed U.S. chopper crew kills so many Vietcong, you’ll wonder how we lost. To Heal a Nation, a made-for-TV docudrama, is the slow but steady story of veteran Jan Scruggs (Eric Roberts), who led a nationwide crusade to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The presence of Ross Perot (Conrad Bachmann), depicted here as Scruggs’ financial savior, endows the retelling of this true drama with a touch of unintentional near-topicality. But what gives it resonance can be summed up in three words: Panama, Kuwait, Somalia. As long as we keep sending young people to war, movies like this one will matter. Firehawk: C To Heal a Nation: B

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