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January 29, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

TOE-TAPPING: In Madonna’s next video, ”Bad Girl” (hey, now there’s a twist), she meets a one-night stand who does her in and sends her to heaven, where Christopher Walken makes a cameo as a soft-shoeing angel. But the video, now shooting in Manhattan with Alien3 director David Fincher, began as a hellish mess. A source on the set says Fincher couldn’t make up his mind — one minute the video was set in a crummy diner, the next it was in a fancy restaurant, and the cast had to hoof it back to the dressing room every time he changed his vision….

BLUSHING: The producers of this year’s Grammy Awards were so sure that Trisha Yearwood’s second album, Hearts in Armor, would earn a nomination, they booked the singer to perform on the Feb. 24 show. They even had her announce the nominations on Jan. 7. Unfortunately, to everyone’s surprise, her name wasn’t among them. This left the nominating committee red-faced but Yearwood unfazed. The same thing happened to Elvis and the Beatles, she points out, ”so I guess I’m in good company.”…

TIMING: After years of not having an agent, Spike Lee has finally hired one — Jeff Berg, chairman of ICM. The buzz: With Malcolm X losing heat in the Oscar race, Spike is betting powerful ICM can give him a boost for a Best Director nomination. ”We’re not his publicist,” Berg says, calling the timing coincidental. ”But we can try and raise awareness.” ICM will also try to expand the Spike empire to include TV and publishing….

ASCENDING: Jeff Zucker, 27, was just promoted again — this time to executive producer of NBC Nightly News. A year ago, Zucker became the youngest executive producer of the Today show, a job he’ll retain. Which means he’ll go to work at 5:30 a.m., work the Today control room until 9, then spend all day planning both shows until Nightly ends at 7 p.m. Zucker, who plans to merge the two shows’ operations, insists he can do it: ”I can’t physically work any harder than I’ve been working, so it’ll feel the same.”…

GENDER BENDING: Robin Williams has signed to star in Mrs. Doubtfire, a Tootsie-genre comedy that starts shooting in mid-March with director Chris Columbus (Home Alone 2). After losing a messy custody battle, Williams’ character gets back at his ex by dressing up as a housekeeper and getting hired to take care of their three kids. Coproducing the film with Williams is his wife, Marsha — who, of course, was once Williams’ nanny.

Sharon Isaak, with reporting by Kate Meyers, Pat H. Broeske, Irv Letofsky

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