Cindy Pearlman
January 29, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

Talk about bad taste. Ever since Disney’s Touchstone Pictures opened its plane-crash movie, Alive, the groans have been more over the jokes than the subject matter — cannibalism. A roundup:

David Letterman: ”The people on the plane actually had their choice between cannibalism and the regular airline food. They chose cannibalism.”

Regis and Kathie Lee: ”Well, at least they ate the ones that were already dead.”

Arsenio Hall: ”I’ve talked with Richard Simmons about (that movie) Alive. He said one human butt cheek equals three red-meat cards on your Deal a Meal diet plan.”

Jay Leno: ”I wonder how they decided which of the passengers they were going to eat. I mean, did they sit around going, ‘Bill, what do you feel like tonight? We have Mexican. We have Japanese…”’

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