Michael Sauter
January 29, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

To Sleep With a Vampire

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We gave it an D

Artiness is the undoing of these two supernatural tales, which attempt to pump new blood into the vampire and werewolf genres, only to end up draining their subjects dry. Especially disappointing is To Sleep With a Vampire, which pairs a lonely bloodsucker (Scott Valentine) with a suicidal stripper (Charlie Spradling) for a night of doomed romance. The movie tries hard to be lyrical and haunting, but it comes across as a film-school work in progress. More professional, but no more interesting, is Mad at the Moon, a glum gothic Western starring Mary Stuart Masterson as a newlywed who learns her husband’s dark secret during the full moon. All stylized lighting and camera angles, this pointless mood piece takes forever to go nowhere — and never even shows us a werewolf! Both tapes: D

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