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Entertainment news for March 12, 1993

Jason Patric made headlines this week

INDIAN RUNNER: Is there life after Julia Roberts? Yes, if the actor involved is the elusive Jason Patric. Though he hasn’t made a movie since 1991’s Rush, Patric has landed the much-sought-after role of the cavalry captain in Geronimo, to be directed by Walter Hill. Patrick Swayze and Alec Baldwin were the front-runners for the part of Captain Gatewood, to whom Apache warrior Geronimo (The Last of the Mohicans’ Wes Studi) finally surrendered. What tipped the scales in Jason’s favor? Swayze and Baldwin were busy, and Patric was patient. ”He has turned a lot of roles down,” says screenwriter Larry Gross (48 HRS.), ”and we weren’t looking for a super-$12 million star.” The movie begins filming in April in the Southwest and will be released next year.