Entertainment news for March 26, 1993 | EW.com


Entertainment news for March 26, 1993

Steven Spielberg's ''Schindler's List'' made headlines this week

WAR OF REMEMBRANCE: Much has been made of Steven Spielberg’s efforts to film Schindler’s List, his movie version of author Thomas Keneally’s Holocaust novel, inside Auschwitz. (Instead, the director agreed to construct a set outside the camp’s gates and shot there for just two days.) But that controversy has overshadowed a fascinating Spielberg fact: The film, starring Liam Neeson, is being shot in black and white for a reported $22 million — a relatively low amount for a man who spent three times that on the just-wrapped Jurassic Park. ”It’s not a special-effects movie where you’re going to need a really high budget,” says a spokeswoman for Spielberg. Translation: It’s an Oscar bid.