Lois Alter Mark and Tim Purtell
April 02, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

Arnold had it easy: When he did his terminating, all he had to focus on was the victim in his gunsight. But as Anne Bancroft teaches Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return, the post-feminist assassin has to be as attentive to her p’s and q’s as she is to her M.O. Here’s how well she succeeded:

Social Setting: After breaking into a store, drug addict Fonda murders a police officer.
Ensemble: Black jeans, black shirt and jacket, black army boots, black teeth.
Accessory: Beretta 92F 9 mm automatic handgun. Steel; 16 rounds; two pounds.
Style Statement: The Beretta is a lesson in abbreviation — a weapon with a pared-down look that’s androgynous, streetwise, and compact. Against Fonda’s monochromatic grunge palette, the gun’s sleek Italian design provides a touch of armamental femininity.

Social Setting: As a government-trained assassin, Fonda completes her first assignment in a posh restaurant. Ensemble: Little black dress, black hose, black heels.
Accessory: Hammerli 280 .22-caliber Olympic target pistol. Wood and steel; six rounds; two pounds.
Style Statement: A major assassination-fashion faux pas. Fonda is the model of subtle sophistication until she pulls out a Rambo-league number that overpowers her outfit.

Social Setting: From the window of a New Orleans hotel bathroom, Fonda shoots a woman celebrating Mardi Gras.
Ensemble: Gray T-shirt and flowered panties.
Accessory: Anschutz .22-caliber single-shot Olympic rifle with custom-designed silencer. Wood and steel; 12 pounds.
Style Statement: A look and a weapon that match beautifully. The cotton underwear, bare feet, and painted flower around Fonda’s eye are charming symbols of childhood, and this giganto gun, with lots of pieces to snap together, is every killer’s fantasy toy.

Social Setting: To steal a traitor’s computer files, Fonda impersonates his Eurotrash girlfriend.
Ensemble: Red hot pants, thigh-high red boots, big sunglasses.
Accessory: Beretta 84 .380-caliber pistol. Steel; 14 rounds; 1.5 pounds.
Style Statement: She’s red-hot. Bold. But this eensy gun says nothing. The right weapon would have been much flashier, though this one still produces the desired effect of lots of red, red blood.

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