Benjamin Svetkey
April 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

In Russia today, a space satellite was launched from Plesetsk, Moscow’s mayor held a press conference about the increase in street protests, and the Academy of Social Sciences of the Communist Party changed its name to the Russian Academy of Management. Meanwhile, in chess…

For an Ivan’s-eye view of the whirling crises — as well as everyday events — in the former Soviet Union, Americans can turn to C-SPAN, which has been airing an English-dubbed version of The Moscow Evening News weeknights since August 1991. Some stories are tough to follow (where the heck is Solnechnogorsk?), but it’s still pretty cool to watch the new Russian Revolution unfold from a front-row vantage you don’t get on other news broadcasts. Plus, the car commercials are a hoot (”This is a businessman’s style! The Volga G-31029!”).

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